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Global Platform for Drug Consumption Rooms, why do?

The website "salledeconsommation.fr" established in 2006 is an independent member of the French Network Harm Reduction which since 2009. He contributed to the opening in october 2016 of a Drug Consumption Room (DCR) in Paris.

The debate on the implementation of DCR take place in cities around the world (Birmingham, Brighton, Quebec, Ottawa, Toronto, Melbourne, Marseille, Turin, Vienna, New York...) and face a strong moral and political opposition despite their indisputable results. It is therefore important to combine our skills and knowledge, discuss existing as your experiences, share best practices and support around a single platform.

The Global Platform for Drug Consumption Rooms (GPDCR) was created in 2013 by "salledeconsommation.fr" in France to exchange the latest information, discuss experiences, share scientific studies, evaluations and field practices.

It is a tool for creating partnerships between countries, cities, associations, professionals, government officials, politicians, the police, the community (drug users and residents) with the aim of developing drug consumption rooms as a tool to harm reduction wherever necessary, through better communication and coordination among stakeholders.